As a Customer Service/Sales Representative, requirements include conducting daily sales presentations on behalf of our client and providing impeccable customer service. We find that those with retail experience in their past excel in this role and quickly move up into leadership positions within our company. Rey Consulting is looking for motivated individuals who want to take that next step in their career.

Other responsibilities for a Customer Service/Sales Representative include:

  • Upon completion of training, teach new employees product information and sales systems
  • Act professionally in high-stress situations
  • Uphold company standards and client values
  • Acquire new quality customers for our clients
  • Add value to our team environment

Rey Consulting provides a team-oriented company culture. We believe that in order to be the best, pushing our team to do their very best is a requirement. For this reason, we host daily, weekly, and monthly competitions that drive not only performance but healthy competition between team members. We provide bonuses and incentives such as cash bonuses, sporting events, and travel opportunities–just to name a few. (Because who doesn’t like rewards for doing a great job?!)

We want to work only with the best of the best! If you enjoy working with others and have strong communication skills, we welcome you to apply. Please know that the Customer Service/Sales Representative position will start entry-level and offers career advancement into leadership in management positions based on qualifications.